In 2009, After 10 years working in the corporate world, I took a trip to Burma that changed my life.  I fell head-over-heels in love with the place and the people.  Instead of returning to my old life as I had planned, I began a new journey — to learn about, and, if possible, help the Myanmar people.  This blog will be about that journey.  It will touch on areas of politics, development, humanitarian aid, and my general experience.

I am also in the process of helping a small organization to work on projects in Myanmar, so I will discuss my trials and tribulations related to that project in these pages.

I am still relatively new to Burma and I continue to educate myself on these subjects.  That said, I have met and spoken with a wide range of individuals both inside and out of Burma with expertise on the history and current situation there.  I have traveled within Burma and made several trips to border regions.  In forming my ideas, I have relied on reports and opinion of western government officials, UN staff, Myanmar people involved in community organizations in the country, on the border, and in exile, and many, many “people-on-the street.”

For security reasons, I will not reveal the names of anyone I have spoken to or the names of any specific organizations.  I may change the timing and some identifying details to protect confidentiality.  For the same reasons, I use a pseudonym for all my writings related to Burma.

One final point — the debate on whether to refer to the country as Burma or Myanmar seems to be held primarily outside the country.  The people I have met inside, including democracy and humanitarian activists, don’t really seem to care and use both interchangeably.   I will follow their lead.


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